Opening hours in Maine Stage 2. We are looking forward to having you visit the library even with new procedures. Please note hours June 1 to June 20 above. The Summer schedule will begin June 22.

Welcome Back!

For the safety of staff and patrons:

Please don’t come to the library if you feel sick

  Limit your visit to 15 minutes

 Maintain physical distance

 Face coverings are required for staff and patrons

 No more than 4 patrons at a time

 Curbside assistance for anyone who is not able to wear a mask.

  Dear Library Friends, 
I’m sure you are reading news articles about some libraries starting to open, and we are working on this as well. I see a light at this end of this aggravating tunnel, at least in terms of resuming partly normal–that is the New Normal– library services. It will look a bit different.  When we open, which we hope to do around June 1, it will be with safety precautions in place, so that you know you are safe and I know I am safe–as best we can. Other area libraries in surrounding towns expect to open in some limited way at that time as well. We will limit number of people at any time, ask that you wear a mask, don’t come if you are sick, and so forth.  An acrylic shield will be in place at the front desk–thank you Taylor Stevenson.  Details to come on re-opening the building. 
The Maine State Library has provided a draft safety checklist –similar to the kind you perhaps have seen for other business sectors. So I will have good safety guidance.   Re-opening is a bit more complicated than I anticipated, but we’re getting there. 
Now would be a good time for you to return books you’ve had for the duration. (All returned items will be quarantined for 72 hours before re-use or re-shelving.) Please do not drop off any donated books into the book drop or at the Williams House. We will not be able to accept donations for a while. Interlibrary loan service statewide continues to be suspended.   Our deliveries of new books will be resuming toward the end of this month–so that is something to look forward to. 
Please contact me by email (reply here or use: if you would like to order items for Library Porch Pick-Up. This will be by appointment, and I will reply back with when to swing by. Or you could leave a message on the library phone: 685-3612.  Email preferable but your choice. 
Also, Lee B. will continue to stock the book swap box at the Bellefonda Porch, and we thank him for taking care of that throughout these last two months. 
I write this update with hope. If things go backwards, we will have to adjust. But as of this sunny morning,  this is the working plan. 
Cheers, Janet, May 8, 2020

Scrappy Snowball Quilt made by New Sandwich Quilters

Message from Judy Danielson, Wayne Library Board President

Hello Wayne Library Friends,
             We are thinking of you all spread across the country, enduring this pandemic.  We hope  you are managing OK and staying well. It is such a challenge for us all in so many ways. Our faithful librarian Janet, has attended weekly  Zoom meetings hosted by the Maine State Library, where she is able to learn about best safety practices and re-opening strategies as we approach that time.  The goal here, as everywhere, is figuring out that delicate balance between protecting everyone’s safety and providing a much needed service to our community.    
              We did apply for non-profit Payroll Protection Program funding and received a grant  to help pay salaries, and other items.   At this point, we are planning to reopen in a limited way around June 1st.  We have installed an acrylic shield and safety precautions will include asking all to wear masks, practice social distancing, etc.  We now have a yearly Zoom subscription, and have conducted Board meetings, book group and various other meetings quite successfully.  Although some summer events will be cancelled we hope to find ways to do small events outdoors and in other formats.  We are contemplating an online Silent Auction, and the New Sandwich Quilters have completed a quilt already!  The Friends of the Library will be figuring out how to adapt some of their popular events like the Pie Sale and the Lobster Lunch  to the current situation.  As plans evolve, we will post everything on our website.  We will once again have Katie King as our Library Intern, helping to cover our extended summer hours. Lots of new books have been ordered, and we so hope our summer friends  will be be able to come to Wayne and enjoy the library’s offerings and the beauty of our peaceful natural setting, pandemic limitations and all. Both the Wayne Community Church  and the Town Office have offered to help folks during their quarantine period.  Our spring gardens are simply lovely, both at the Cary and the Williams House. 
         The Board had a discussion recently with our financial manager at HM Payson, and I’m happy to report that our endowment funds – guided by our excellent Investment Policy – are surviving these market fluctuations quite well.
         The Mad Hatter Team has done an excellent job remodeling the carriage barn and creating the Alice Room.  Almost everything is completed except some exterior work, and the restoration of the last few panels and their installation.   We have also completed several necessary projects on the Williams House.   
         I will be sending our annual Dues and Donations letter shortly, but wanted to touch base with everyone with updates and to let you know we are thinking of you, and hoping to see you and welcome you this summer.
         Best wishes!
Judy Danielson, President Board of Trustees

A few bright spots: 
**If you have used Ancestry’s Library Only edition for genealogical research, it is now available for use at home for the duration of Maine’s library closure. Find it on the Digital Maine Library — click on the icon):

**If you have tried using the Cloud Library and found the waiting lists too long, give it another try. Over $40,000.00 of additional content has been purchased in the last 10 days to try to keep up with demand. (More coming soon.) This will help a lot. Again, email me if you need you library card #. 

**Lee Behrendt has put a box of books (donations) free for the taking on the Bellefonda Porch, which as you know is a sort of free pantry, pick-up/drop-off point for the community. The box will be replenished as needed. I’d suggest not returning them until this is all over.  Thank you Lee! 

If anyone needs wi-fi… The library’s is still on and accessible from outside the building, so people can surf from their vehicles and maintain social distancing. No Password required.

The Digital Maine Library provides every resident of Maine with access to online resources that include a collection of full text articles and abstracts from magazines, newspapers, journals and reference. It also provides students, business people, public library patrons, and higher education students and educators the ability to use online learning tools.

MONDAY, June 22, 2020 6:00 pm

March Wayne Library Board Meeting

Our next Wayne Library Board meeting is tonight. Our meetings are open to all members, and would like to hear from you.

Wayne Readers’ Book Blog

Wayne Reader’s Blog: Our next edition will be compiled in January. Please send along your brief reviews of books that have piqued your interest–for better or worse. The variety of your blurbs is what makes the Reader’s Blog fun. Email your reviews to me.  Click here for the May 2020 Blog.

On-Going Programs

Lego Club for Kids Ages 4 to Grade 5; The 4th Wednesday of the month, starting at 6:00 pm.


Plan to join us for a monthly meeting of the Lego Club, meeting (usually) the 4th Wednesday of each month for an hour.  Each meeting with have a fun theme, a quick story and then plenty of time to design your one-of-a-kind bits and brick creation.  The library has mountains of pieces to explore and play with.  Great for ages 4 through grade 5, more or less. Thanks to parents Brooke and Jeremy Smith for suggesting a Lego Club!