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Cary’s Library’s HOOPLA IS LIVE!

Exciting News if you enjoy streaming/downloading Movies, Music, eBooks, Audiobooks, and Comics: Their content is pretty amazing–over 1.1 million items, most available instantly. Download the Hoopla app for your devices with Google Play store or your Apps Store. The website is: if you are using a desktop.

You will need to “create an account” using your email and a password you choose. You will see libraries listed–select Cary Memorial Library, Wayne, ME and then you’ll be asked for your patron number. REQUEST your patron number by sending an email to or stop by the library to get your number. After your account is set up, you will only need your email and password to use Hoopla.

We will be sharing lots of promotional materials soon. Please reach out to Janet for assistance. Hoopla is said to be super easy to use so we hope you’ll enjoy this new service. Our use limit is 5 “borrows” per month per patron. This is a Free Service available to all Cary Memorial Library patrons.